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Change how people are fed

Satis.ai is a full stack operating system for autonomous restaurant kitchens aimed at improving decision making and reducing mistakes. We are using the opportunity created as a result of food delivery disruption and its two digit growth, to bring real technological innovation in a space which has already optimized most of its processes. 

Our initial focus is to address the c.$3.4Bn market of refunded orders in the EU & USA while keeping in mind our long term objective to build automated kitchens to address the c.$4Tn global food service market.

We have proven the base technology and now have one running pilot, agreed pilots with two large global food chains and a queue with a couple of smaller ones. Satis.ai is a member of Nvidia inception programme and Techstars Farm to Fork accelerator, which is run in partnership with the world’s biggest private companies in the industry Ecolabs and Cargill.

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